Ruby Hoette –

Ruby deals with fashion in an unconventional way, collecting garments and exploring their origins, patterns of use and layers of value and meaning. These collections take the form of photographic series, publications, clothing designs and interactive projects. They propose alternate modes of accessing and engaging with 'fashion'. Her work is centred around the garment as a unique artifact, which carries a history; evidence of activities, interactions and transactions in our society. Ruby collaborates with Elisa van Joolen on dress-series; a platform for independent projects that celebrate the playfulness of fashion and imagine ways for it to be pushed beyond accepted forms of production and presentation. / /

October 26th - 4pm: 'In Conversation' with Elisa van Joolen about her research project, 11”x17” that both examines and challenges the fashion industry’s prevailing value systems and methods of production. This event is presented by Onomatopee as part of Dutch Design Week.

Contact –
UK +44 (0)7708 154498/ NL +31 644754772